Drown Not: Deep Sea Diving In Good Love

CXVI | August 10, 2019

Cherish the moments of courage that it takes for you to walk up to the pier and decide that you’re going to jump. After nearly drowning in love just moments before, here you are again diving into the unknown hoping to discover the authentic love we’ve fantasized about sense childhood.

We dream of diving into the deep blue sea of love and learning how to swim through every current; stroking the impossible with grace, courage, and humility. We all dream of the mermaid lifestyle, swimming hundreds of miles from coast to coast without having to come up for air; simply living off of the very love we are swimming in.

We all dream of forever.

I may gasp for air in the beginning but I’ve learned to not panic. I’ve learned that on the other side of my courage is the ability to swim deep in the violent waters of love powered by the very possibility of drowning. I’ve learned that if the love that you swim in is true, then you will be there with me. Teaching me how to stroke the current, filling my system with the bloody waters of love, getting stronger with every breath we take.

I’ve learned that love’s violent waters use its strength to protect us from the unknown. To protect us from what we can’t see or hear. To protect us from others and to protect us from ourselves. Love is the ability to swim in the violent waters with grace; together.

Swim with the souls of those who are worth the dive. Anchor yourself in a sea of love, and never come up for air.


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