On a quest for understanding of the eyes in the mirror, I’ve stumbled upon a common denominator between all the days of my life; love.

I’ve discovered that everything that I want to accomplish in life must be dowsed in true love. I dream of a world where our leaders base their actions solely on the greater good of others. I see a world where families of every creed, religion, and color can convene without prejudice or biases against one another. I see a corporate America that is no longer predicated on the sneaky survival tactics rather based on good faith and character.

Instead of pursuing egotistic goals, I see a society where integrity leads.

As unattainable as it may seem, this is what it is like in my land of Royal City. We do not waste our small lives on petty arguments fueled by hatred. Instead, everything we do and seek to accomplish is within the lines of love; a truly limitless arena.

Love can save us all. I’m CXVI, the Prince of Royal City.

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