CXVI Launches the 16th and Love Foundation

CTZNS PRESS | April 17, 2019

Washington, D.C –

Entertainer and author, BRIANCXVI, has launched a community initiative to focus efforts on charity events and engagement in communities across America.

CXVI seeks to lead ’16th and Love’ with a focus on matters such as mental health, cancer awareness, poverty, childhood hunger, and other charitable causes that plague our communities across America. The mission statement is to “paint the world with light and love” and while CXVI has been doing charitable work in the past, the goal with 16th and Love is to begin to develop a team effort toward causes that usually would be a one-man fight.

While the organization is not yet recognized as a charitable foundation, the group seeks to raise money through other organizations and causes to which they endorse; helping to push communities across America forward. This group will not be accepting funds rather helping raise funds for other causes. 16th and Love does plan on becoming a non-profit organization by end of 2019.

More information to be announced in the coming weeks.

Written by CTZNS PRESS


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