Enjoy a 3 minute journey into the “humble brag” with CXVI’s single Peace, Royal City. 

After taking time to develop the Royal City sound, I prayed for guidance in delivering the single ‘Peace, Royal City’ to you, my family. This song has a rich backstory, it was the birth child of a health scare.

I woke up one Monday morning without the ability to move my extremities. I laid awake in a paralysis state, able to see around the room but not able to move. I could hear everything from the water running through the pipes beneath the walls to my blaring iPhone alarm. Still unable to move. I didn’t know what was going on, it felt as though my body had just gave up for the day. After fighting, I figured going to sleep and trying again was the best idea.

I woke and everything was normal. Well, except my energy, I was dumb drained.

I had been burning the candle at both ends, trapped between a wall of impatience and a wall of self-anonymity. I didn’t know myself well and I was running from the feeling of being a “stranger in a mirror” by working myself tirelessly around the clock. Didn’t even really have stable plans to reach my goals, I was just panicking in the ocean, drowning through emptiness.

I had to have worked 2 days straight (on a project that foiled soon after it started) and the fatigue of trying to keep up with myself finally set in. One of my closest friends and brother, DJ Big Rob, had called me soon after the fiasco. He had explained to me that my paralysis earlier could have been the result of trying to do “too much”. He also told me that it’s ok to admit when you’re doing too much. It actually helps to determine what you should actually be doing.

The best part of the conversation was his advice to just write some music. As you know, I produce all facets of whatever I release; every instrument. I enjoy it but to be honest, it can definitely be stressful to paint. Rob told me to put myself aside for a minute and just write a song. Find a beat and just write to it. So that’s what I did. I just found a beat online somewhere and wrote my cadence and emotions with it.

Enters ‘Peace, Royal City’. Crazy.

After writing it in an hour or so, I decided to build a beat around it. Very simple tune, the cadence in the verse is the jazz. But, the beat itself was always designed to be very minimalistic. To be frank, it sounded completely different for a few weeks before I stripped it down some more. It was less aggressive because it had a fuller melody. But the minimal sounded like home for me so that’s what we went with. I listened to the song for a few months before beginning master month. I didn’t want to release it until it felt grungy and arrogant (industrial vibes).

Have a taste below. Thank you so much for believing in me. My city is forever in debt to you.


Run-Time: 03:19






I woke up to some comments on my IG .

Young jagger,

Where you been? Where you been?

How many of em tried to come and find me?

Real friends, real friends .

Cause I been swimming with sharks

And I’m swimming through the tidal waves.

Got a couple views on my tidal page.

And I been kirking with the franklins,

Seeing brighter days.

Hit no clubs unless it’s comp’d,

You know niggas gotta stunt.

Do you want the revolution?

On your couch is where I stomp.

Pull up for a dunk,

Free throw line where I jump.

Got tired of the bottom

Now I need that top bunk.

Coming thru the lane,

Nigga what’s a lil bump?


Told the referee,

I want no more free throws.

Let em hack me. Let em at me –

I’m a still trip the dub,

that’s LeBron in the king zone.

Out here dogging niggas in street clothes.

Never miss a meal and I eat slow.

Working like I’m beast mode.

From Seattle to the bay,

I was sleepless in LA

Took the bag,

To the east coast.


But I don’t want no problems with you niggas

Might get a couple dollars with you niggas

Might get a couple shots up with you niggas

Might get a couple follows for you niggas

Might make a couple calls for you niggas

But I don’t want no problems with you niggas at all,

I don’t want no problems with you niggas.



I used to be an open book

And I love hard.

Then I started putting effort

In my cover art.

Always rep my flag

Niggas think that I’m

the color guard.

Let’s keep it black and white,

Cuz I know you niggas colors off.

You niggas need to start doing yoga,

might take up to Pi

-Bring your toga.

Or, we can spend a day,

I can take you cross da bay,

take it to Gk,

For your girl,

it ain’t safe.

Givenchy on the floor,

Killawat on my pillow.

Told my mom,

“Five years ima buy you a villa.”

Black card, no limit

95 Percy miller.

In the kitchen

with my skillet,

99 J Dilla.

I got people telling me,

“you hear what they say about you?”

I’m asking them

“Why they feel comfortable

around you?”

Hanging with some crabs

just cuz seafood sound good.

Got that album on the way,

guess they be around soon.



Also, as I DJ myself, you know I take care of the DJs. I have full DJ packs available upon request. We have been working so hard to put together a video that will live forever – once we get it to where we want, we’ll deliver it with love to you and you only.




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