The Week Without You

CXVI | April 8, 2019


I miss you, man. It’s so weird to feel such a void for a grown man that you’ve never met but as I told the world in January, I would have gave up last year if it wasn’t for you.

This past week has been tough, to be honest. It’s so many thoughts running through my head, trying to wrap my mind around the shooting but at the same time trying to suppress those images. Then struggling between, “I can’t do anything,” and, “Nip would want me to do everything.” Not to mention trying to continue business as usual with everything I’ve been working on as well.

Something did make me smile though and I haven’t stopped since. It’s crazy how bright your light is shining, bro! The world is learning not just who you are, but really the things that you represent. The love that you embodied with everything you did is contagious and the truths that you brought to the world are spreading. Gang members of all backgrounds have been holding hands in your honor and the industry has been staring at its reflection in the mirror. Changes are inevitable and I think that all of the things that you were working for are truly beginning to bloom. With the rest of the world watching, everyone can remind themselves of what’s important in life: family, working with your homies, community development, love, and understanding the value of influence.

It’s almost as if you’re still here and your voice got stronger. 

You have my word, man. The work shall continue and your legacy will live on. Thank you for inspiring me and reminding me that being a good guy is perfectly fine. We need more men like you.



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