The Stresses Of Comparing Journeys

CXVI | January 8, 2019

Stress ensues when we compare our failures to those before us. I found myself attaching my story to their failures, starting to believe that I had to follow their exact footsteps; their failures and triumphs.

Recently, I’ve started to realize that everyone’s story is different. We all have different paths to reach our different goals. The basis of those goals; hard work, determination, persistence, and others, may be the same but everything is just the details.

These is no right answer.

A man can find his wife in his twenties, while another man may find his wife in his sixties. Both men may have those successful marriages the rest of their lives and although they had different paths (and ages) of getting married, they achieve their goal of nurturing a successful marriage.

We must detach ourselves from the idea that everyone’s journey to success looks the same. I talked about it in detail on Episode 14 of the podcast:


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