The Saturday From Hell: Busy Days Are Blessings

CXVI | August 7, 2019

I’ve said it time and time again, busy days make me smile. No matter how tired I am at the end of them, there’s some feeling of euphoria after completing all of the tasks throughout the day. It’s got to be some sort of endorphins or something.

Saturdays are one of our best friends. I’m not the type to look forward to the weekend but when it arrives, Friday, Saturday, Sunday, and myself stroll in like Cameo. Leather pants, cowboy boots, sunglasses and all. Majority of the time I end up working through the weekend anyway but I really enjoyed the relaxed version of everyone else around me. Everyone seems so free from the monotony of the work week, I just enjoy the small moments of celebrating freedom with my loved ones.

Around this time of year, my weekends get even heavier as August-December are traditionally my busy months for business and life. With the book releasing soon, annual events coming back around, and school starting back up, it’s no secret that around this time of year life gets a little hectic. Right on time, the first week of August is usually an abrupt introduction to non-stop days until the end of the year. Exhibit A, the first Saturday of August:












My Saturday started at about 4AM and didn’t get finished until about 2AM. Almost 24 hours of non-stoppery! Now, you can read so I won’t run through what I had to get done this past weekend but I’ll say that it was one of the most exhausting days for me, mentally, in a while.

Fast forward to the 6th time I fell asleep on the way back to Baltimore (I’m fine, thanks for asking), I really cemented my adoration for busy days and what they truly mean. You see, running around this past Saturday, putting out fires as they arose, achieving the impossible multiple times, and problem solving helped me feel alive. I’ve said it thousands of times in my lifetime; busy days are blessings from God because they allow you to feel alive.

Facing challenges is the scary part but overcoming them is the reward. When I walked in the house after that long Saturday from hell, I sat on my living room floor and turned on Playstation with the biggest smile on my face. An overwhelming feeling of accomplishment took control of me and I couldn’t be more grateful for not only surviving the long day but succeeding in accomplishing each task that was before me.

Celebrate and welcome your busy days. The days from Hell remind you of how blissful Heaven is. Those days remind you that you’re alive.



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