The Harsh Reality of the Government Shutdown

CXVI | January 28, 2019

The government has re-opened temporarily and nearly 1 Million government officials have returned to work today (Monday, January 28). I’d like to welcome the government workers back to your posts and express my sincerest appreciation for the work you do for our country. I’m also happy that a deal was made so that you can return to your responsibilities and no longer have to worry about where your tomorrow will come from.

The harsh reality of the government shut down is that even the one corporation that seems like it will never close its doors, can and will. The harsh reality is that even the government can have it’s reliability falter and leave you on the streets unable to pay your bills. The harsh reality is that even the Federal government is unreliable.

What’s reliable? You.

Your business & your vision can go as far as you want it to go. It can persevere as much as you want to handle and it can create as much as you want to create. What you do on the side can help keep you afloat if we have an incapable commander in chief.

Let’s talk about it on Episode 17:


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