Redskins: We Need a 2005 State of Mind

CXVI | December 28, 2018

We don’t deserve to discuss our success on the basis of wins and losses. Our problem runs significantly deeper than putting points on the scoreboard. The reason that our organization has pitched a tent in sports purgatory is because of who we are, and who we are not. It’s not about moving the chains or capitalizing in the red zone; those are just the small details. It’s more about having 53 players, 10+ coaches, 30+ front office members, and millions of fans who are ready to fight for the Burgundy and Gold before even leaving the locker room. It’s about grabbing and honoring players, coaches, and officials who understand the value of leadership.

Many fellow millennial Redskin fans can attest that we were raised on that era of leadership. Whether  we were or were not the most victorious team in the league, we certainly were the ones who were ready to fight for it. Looking back, that might be because we had all of those players from “The U” (Miami Hurricanes). We were bruisers, we were leaders, and we were dogs. We weren’t unstoppable but we weren’t going to let you leave the game with a victory and our heart.  That’s 2005 and around that time period; the greatest tease for a millennial Redskin fan. 

Salute to Adrian Peterson, D.J Swearinger (I’m in denial), Ryan Kerrigan, and Josh Johnson- those guys could have took the field with the 2005 Skins and laid it all on the line. Those guys have a dog in them and want to fight. It’s not that the other thousands of players and officials who work down in Ashburn don’t have that fight. It’s just not a lot of leadership to pull it out of them and that’s the saddest thing.

Bottom line is this: we don’t need big named players. We don’t more practice. We don’t need different play call.

We need leadership. We need morale. We need players, coaches, and executives to understand that the game is more than the physical.

We need an organization that understands the mental side of football.

Enjoy my audio rant below. It was fun. R.I.P #21.


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