Letting Go of This Bad Advice Has Freed My Mind, Body, and Soul

CXVI | December 31, 2018

Bad advice has no expiration and can become the tumor that lives and feeds on your destiny. That’s why we have to be mindful, not just of where (who) the advice comes from, but also of the context of that advice. Words outlive us and have no fence around them. Today’s bad advice can be next year’s suicide pill.

Harsh, I know. But, true.

I had been holding on to some bad advice that I received about focusing on being a “master of one” as opposed to being a “jack of all trades. For me, that was literally a cement cap on the top of my potential as I am interested in many things and enjoy learning many crafts. The problem was that after hearing this advice, I’ve since struggled with the idea of excelling in many different crafts and talents. I didn’t think it was possible. I didn’t think it was the “best move” for my career.

So, I spent majority of my life trying to be one thing when I want to be more. I spent majority of my life excelling in one avenue while strangling my God-given talents as if they weren’t allowed to live themselves.

The real advice should have been to become a master of passion or a master of focus and drive so that you can excel in most anything you do. The many interests and talents can all be cultivated and nurtured if we can learn to master organization, character, focus, passion and drive. 

We talked all about it on Season 2, Episode 13 of the podcast. Check it out:


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