Day One of the Redskin’s 2019 Season Is a Success

CXVI | December 31, 2018

I know I’m alone on an island with this statement but day one of the Washington Redskin’s 2019 season is a complete success.

We saw several key changes in personnel across the league today, everyone from the Cincinnati Bengal’s firing of veteran coach, Marvin Lewis, to releases of first year coaches like Arizona’s Steve Wilks. I was on the brink of having an anxiety attack all day (it least it felt like all day), waiting patiently to see if one of these ESPN notifications was going to read “Gruden out in Washington”. But, it didn’t. Gruden lives to fight another day.

That’s a great start to the next Redskin’s season.

Any coach who survives this organization without falling victim to the horrible front office morale, rough fan climate, and the ever-famous injury curse, deserves a second chance. Time, and time again Gruden was paraded in front of angry fans and “headline thirsty” reporters to talk about something that was well above his pay grade. He was given the task of fighting the injury bug (each year) and expected to get to the playoffs regardless of the thoughtless moves of the front office. He survived it all and even after one of the worst seasons that I’ve witnessed as a Redskin fan, the team finished at 7-9. He deserves another year.

The beautiful thing is that at least we have a coach. At least we can begin the 2019 season with a decorated head coach, established offensive and defensive systems, and not to mention, the coach has a great understanding of his roster already. We enter into the off-season already aware of the things that we need when April comes rolling around. We know what our system requires and have already started the process of thinking of how to fill those holes, because we kept our coach. He’s not the best coach but he does deserve another shot. Sometimes you just have to applaud someone for their effort and the relativity of their success.

We can talk more about it on Episode 2 of #RIP21:

P.S: I hate that this happened, yesterday:



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