BRIANCXVI (CXVI), born in Alexandria, VA, is an American recording artist, producer, and writer. He has authored 2 novels, “The Man Who Didn’t Stop Running” and “I’m Fine” as well as composed one studio project, “I’m Fine”. CXVI has also has an extensive media career of 9 years in the broadcast industry, serving as his introduction into the entertainment industry.  CXVI is out to continue to prove his valor in the arena of music, media and influence. 

Through the mediums of music and media, CXVI lives his creed of an image of love. Carrying a dark, melodic, and musical tone, CXVI writes love songs with a contemporary feel operating within the genre of Rock and Hip Hop/RNB, delivering poetic commentary to a life of love and heartbreak. Inspired by the daring and bold sounds of Prince, Childish Gambino, and Andre 3000, CXVI uses music as another extension of his message of unifying love.

That same passion bleeds over into his thriving 10-year media career in nation-wide commercial media. His broadcasting career began in his hometown near the Washington, D.C area where he served the community as an overnight host on WKYS (Urban One) for nearly 3 years, interning prior to. Following his successful stint at home, CXVI ventured to Buffalo, NY to join the heritage station, WBLK as the night host. In Buffalo, CXVI hosted the #1 show “Brian’s World” with co-hosts Michelle Visa and DJ Big Rob. Quickly becoming immersed in the Buffalo culture, the show continued to thrive.

Following the successful stint, CXVI relocated to Indianapolis, IN serving as the midday host on HOT 96.3. While in Indiana, CXVI grasped several huge statements in livelihood and manhood thus leading to the growth of his ambitions. While serving the community as a broadcaster, CXVI wrote his first novel “The Man Who Didn’t Stop Running” and toured 13 cities with his story of love. As book sales increased and the radio show continued to gain popularity, CXVI also released his second mixtape entitled, “I’m Fine” in 2016. The project provided a first hand peak into the world of a depressed African American.

Not only does CXVI dedicate his career to tastefulness, love, timelessness and quality, but at the core of his passion is serving the mental health community. With several freelance opportunities and volunteering , CXVI has worked alongside the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention, seeking to understand the dark work of mental illnesses and how we can ban together to prevent suicide.

“I’ve been trapped by my thoughts before, fantasizing the aroma of my funeral. I know the struggle. I want to understand those clouds so that they won’t invade someone else’s life,” said CXVI.

Currently releasing music from his east coast studio in the Washington, D.C area, CXVI continues to rely on his words to help usher in a wave of love. Producing entire compositions of instruments and poetry, CXVI just released a 9-song EP “BEACHRAINROCK” in November 2018. CXVI also is currently On-Air in Baltimore, MD for 92Q, serving the Baltimore community with his love and passion for broadcasting.

Through it all, his passion for people continues to propel him. His goal is to accurately represent a motto that he lives by: love can save us all.

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